Economy / Jobs

Durham’s renaissance is a true illustration of vision, transformation and grit. Built on the strength of leadership and innovation. Now is the time to implement plans directed to investments in neighborhoods and local businesses so that all may prosper.


I believe the future of our economy will continue to be in the hands of small business –start-ups and entrepreneurship. We as a community must prepare Durham residents as the workforce of the future. Focus efforts to merge the opportunities for the unemployed, under-skilled by bridging the education and technical skill training that too often serve as barriers to long-term successful employment.

  • Offer training and opportunities to prepare our workforce to meet the needs of industry recruited into Durham.
  • Provide resources to launch new businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Seek grant opportunities like the Bloomberg Innovation Team to fund research to tackle urban issues like poverty.
  • Focus on minority-owned businesses that currently receive a disparate share of the overall business activity in the city, which is 65 percent African-American.
  • Work with Durham Technical Community College, four-year universities, private proprietary vocational training providers, and Durham Public Schools to provide appropriate vocational education and customized training to enable citizens to take advantage of opportunities for employment with current and new business locating in Durham.
  • Encouraged new business to hire locally providing opportunities for Durham residents to apply for positions created by the projects that are slated to receive incentives.
  • Provided programs to support locally-owned retail and professional services.


  • 4.40% Unemployment Rate
  • 2.25% Current Job Growth
  • 40.10 Predicted future job growth over the next 10 years
  • $29,051 Income per capita
  • $49,585 Median Household income