Equity- ek-wi-tee

Just and fair inclusion. An equitable society is one in which all can participate & prosper. The goals of equity must be to create conditions that allow all to reach their full potential. In short, equity creates a path from hope to change. We are the change we seek.” We must let our voices be heard and create the path together…as One Durham!


On all fronts the data shows that there is a great disparity in the economic success of minority populations in comparison to the mainstream. I measure equity when we reach parity or exceed it–when minority home ownership rises from 43.3% to 65.0% or above the same as whites. When educational attainment –earning a bachelor degree rises from 30% for African Americans, 17.8% for Hispanics to the 63.5% that whites achieve. I measure success when median household incomes for African Americans of $34,766 and Latinos of $38,750 rises to match or exceeds the $62,698 level maintained by whites. I measure success when the poverty rate for children age 0-8 residing in a home where the head of household is at or below the poverty level is reduced from the current levels of 37% for African American and 36% for Hispanics to the poverty level of 8% for white children

It is time to not only have a discussion on these inequities and Race. It is time to realize the “Change We Seek,” and begin a serious dialogue and put in place a priority on how we may continue to grow as a diverse and inclusive community to look at reducing poverty, offering equity in our educational institutions, job offerings, homeownership and affordable housing opportunities and areas of investment in our community. I believe the time is now, for us to address issues of racial inequity and the significant existing barriers in all segments and plot a path toward closing the gap and healing. Let’s fully understand the words of gentrification, displacement, the policies of economic development, incentives and partnerships, acceptance and rejection of people and truly frame a “stronger infrastructure of opportunity and dismantle the systems of economic exploitation and stratification which have relied on racism to justify their continuation far too long.” Let’s build a “One Durham” of unity, action and prosperity for all.


Educational Attainment

  • White – 63.5%
  • Black – 30%
  • Hispanic – 17.5%
  • % of Population

  • White – 46%
  • Black – 37%
  • Hispanic – 13%
  • Median Household Income

  • White – $62,698
  • Black – $34,766
  • Hispanic – $38,750
  • Poverty Rate

  • White – 8%
  • Black – 37%
  • Hispanic – 36%